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Interactive Dog Puzzle Toy For IQ Improvement And Slow Feeding

Interactive Dog Puzzle Toy For IQ Improvement And Slow Feeding

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1. IQ Improvement: This is an educational toy specially designed to improve the IQ of pets. It is different from traditional entertainment pet toys. This product allows dogs to become smarter by actively obtaining food rewards Toys can cultivate the ability of automatic brain!

2. Fun Slow Food Tableware: This Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toy not only has the function of improving intelligence, but if your dog has the habit of eating too fast, you can also use this toy as slow food tableware for dogs to correct their bad habits eating habits.

3. Convenient to Add Food: Turn the transparent granary cover counterclockwise and open it upwards, and you can add dog food or snacks directly to the granary. Fasten the transparent granary cover down to the granary and turn it clockwise to tighten it for use by dogs.

4. Simple and Quick to Use: Drive the dog's paw to press the food button with your hand, and the dropped dog food can quickly attract the dog's attention. At this time, close the lid and train the dog to flip the toy to find food. After repeated training, your dog will understand the correct way to use this product.

5. In the process of daily use, it can greatly increase the dog's happiness and love, relieve the anxiety of the dog when he is bored, and can also effectively improve the dog's intelligence.

Product information:

Product Name: Pet Slow Feeding Toy
Material: Plastic
Complete set of automatic feeding: Yes
Product category: Pet puzzle toys
Is it a gift: Yes



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